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The CFBC Green Team works to raise awareness within the church membership about global warming issues and earth stewardship.  The Green Team supports action now to cut greenhouse gas emissions so that the worst effects of climate change can be averted.

The team sponsors Task of the Month, a program developed by Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light.  Task of the Month is an easy way for someone to implement home energy reduction measures.  Each month has a "Task" such as weathering doors and windows, or installing low flow shower heads, etc.  Participants do the designated "task" each month and at the end of the year have accomplished twelve home energy reduction measures.  If you have questions, contact Candy Brisson at

A Church Powered by the Sun!

* A Partner Congregation of the Indianapolis

Eastside Creation Care Network

and Hoosier Interfaith Power & Light



The Green Team participates in the Eastside Creation Care Network and serves an an occasional host site for the ECCN Film Series.

Eastside Creation Care Network

Eastside Creation Care Network (ECCN) is a group of Indianapolis eastside churches with a common concern about energy reduction and the effects of climate change on the world.  The mission of the ECCN is to engage people of faith in care for the earth.  All faiths are invited to participate in this initiative.

Member groups include Cumberland First Baptist Church, Downey Avenue Christian Church, Eastgate Christian Church (DOC), Emerson Avenue Baptist Church, Englewood Christian Church, Shalom Mennonite Church and St. Matthew's Episcopal Church.  The churches share ideas and support each other in their earth stewardship programs.

ECCN works to educate the congregations of the member churches and the general public through Film Series that are usually held in the spring and fall.  ECCN is a vocal force with other area environmental groups.

Energy costs are a huge expense for churches.  Cutting energy costs will allow a faith community to have more money for mission projects and  other church needs.  ECCN helps identify ways that churches and faith communities can save money by implementing utility reduction measures.

ECCN is an affiliate of Hoosier Interfaith Power and Light.  For more information contact T. Wyatt Watkins. Call or send an email inquiry to

Cumberland First Baptist Church, 116 S. Muessing Street, 
Indianapolis, Indiana  46229